Garden to Table's mission is to create a sustainable local food system that builds community, improves access to healthy food, and teaches residents how to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables. We do this because of an overarching theory that if you grow food where people live, community health will dramatically improve. Our ultimate vision is to transform the way cities are fed, and connect people through great local food. More about us>>

Located next to Citibank at 200 West Taylor Street, Taylor St. Farm is a once vacant lot that has been transformed into a one-acre farm dedicated to growing and selling amazing food, as well as inspiring and educating our community. Learn more>>

The Neighborhood Harvest Program assesses, harvests, and distributes hundreds of pounds of backyard fruit every week in order to address two key challenges in our urban food system: food waste and a lack of affordable, healthy food options. Learn more>>

Garden to Table researches and advocates for smart laws that make it easier for people to grow and sell food in the city. Our policy work has helped change several laws at the City, County, and State level to build up the local food system. Learn more>>

Do you recognize the guy in this video?

Does he remind you of yourself or people you know? That's who Garden to Table represents: Someone who questions the status quo, believes there has got to be a better way for people to get fed, and is willing to take initiative and take the risk of trying new things; innovative things that haven't been done quite this way before.

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Volunteer at Garden to Table

Community members are welcomed and invited to participate in our work. Our major volunteer opportunities are with our Neighborhood Harvest Program and at Taylor St. Farm. No prior gardening or farming experience is necessary. There are several different levels to engage depending on your interests and availability. Explore the opportunity that most suits you:

  • Volunteers with the Neighborhood Harvest Program work in small groups to harvest fruit from backyards in San Jose, ranging from citrus to apricots to persimmons. Learn more>>
  • Taylor St. Farm volunteers lend a helping hand in farm tasks such as planting, harvesting, cultivating, composting, and farm maintenance. Learn more>>

Upcoming Events & Volunteer Opportunities

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