Urban Farm


Thanks to a generous donation from Barry Swenson we developed an urban farm on a 1-acre vacant lot in heart of downtown San José. Our farm acts as an educational hub for community members to learn about and interact with food through gardening, cooking, and nutrition classes.


Farm Transformation

farm before.jpgfarm during.jpgFarm after.jpg

                        August 2013                                              November 2013                                                           March 2014


Farm Goals

  • Provide access to fresh produce for families in San José

  • Educate the broader community on growing your own food

  • Provide a steady source of revenue to sustain our organization

​​The money we make goes to the surrounding community through on-farm classes, fruit tree picking events, and building more neighborhood gardens. We are developing a model that can be replicated throughout the city.


Features of Farm

  • Aquaponics

  • Greenhouse cultivation

  • Focus on high value crops such as lettuce mixes, mushrooms, sprouts, and herbs

  • Composting (traditional and with worms)

  • Bees (for honey and wax)

  • Laying hens for egg cultivation

  • A weekly CSA

  • Partnerships with local restaurants

  • Neighborhood garden plots


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